Clients and Case Studies

Past clients include: Bank of America, Capella University, Cognitive Concepts, Intel, Public Strategies Group, and Target Corporation.

Problem: In August 2003, Government consulting firm needed to private-label its complex content management system in three weeks.
Solution: Erasmus quickly identified the most important business objectives, managed the existing technology partners and brought in custom user interface work to launch on time and within budget. The solution is being actively used today and Erasmus is working with the client to turn it into a profit center.

Problem: In September 2003, Iowa state government needed a web-based results-display system for all 47 state departments and an executive dashboard for the governor in 4 weeks. Iterative real-time feedback was needed to supply the necessary data.
Solution: Erasmus rapidly identified the appropriate technology platform, retained the right team, and managed development of web design templates for governor's staff approval. In close collaboration with client, Erasmus managed the collection and mapping of data - on time and within budget. Click here to view the site.

Problem: In January 2004, 1000 Local governments needed a simple purchasing marketplace in which they could collectively save millions of dollars by coordinating joint purchasing, by identifying existing purchasing contracts and by selling excess supplies or professional services. The system needed to transform from idea to implementation in 8 weeks.
Solution: Erasmus produced a market and product requirement document which translated the business objectives into a specific technology plan. We retained a team and built and tested the system in 6 weeks. Click here to view the system.

Capabilities and Background

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