Product strategy and design
Erasmus, Ltd can help you build or refine a business strategy and develop the tactical workplans. We can design your technology needs and determine whether to build or buy.

Product Management and Crisis Management
Erasmus, Ltd has ten years experience in managing technology development, from resource budgeting to launch. We bring expertise in turn-around management for mission critical technology related projects.

Planning and R&D
Erasmus, Ltd has a long record of helping clients with blue-sky thinking as well as building prototypes, designs and business plans around pre-market products and services.


Erasmus, Ltd principal Arjan Schütte has a long record of bridging business and technology. He has worked in a product leadership, design and management capacity for over ten years as a strategist, product manager, consultant and from 2000 to 2003 as CEO of DoTheGood, Inc. Arjan was born and raised in the Netherlands.

Arjan received an MS as an Interval Fellow at MIT Media Laboratory and BA in Philosophy and Communication from Lewis & Clark College.

The name, Erasmus, Ltd, derives from a stunning bridge in Rotterdam designed by Ben van Berkel and a Dutch philosopher from the 15th century. As such the name signifies bridging, thoughtfulness, and dedication to excellence.

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