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Erasmus, Ltd offers consulting services to help clients solve business-related technology problems. Led by principal Arjan Schütte, Erasmus Ltd bridges the treacherous waters that lie between critical business needs and technology promises.
Arjan Schutte
Inherently technology is no more than a means to an end. But it has the nasty habit of taking on a life of its own, and with it your time, your people, your money and your focus. Thus, the promise of technology so often unleashes a Pandora's box. Erasmus Ltd helps clients strategize, plan and build online software solutions which meet business needs.

Most technology problems are really human problems, often caused by clashing business and technology cultures, who do not speak the same language or have the same goals or incentives. This problem regularly causes planning roadblocks, schedule slippage, customer fallout, and financial misallocation. Erasmus Ltd helps clients bridge the business-technology divide through analysis, planning, architecture and crisis management services.

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